We’ve moved to Shenfield!

Posted on August 10, 2022, by Kieran Walker

Blue Serif have always, always prided ourselves on being part of the Brentwood community. Both the business community and the wider Brentwood community have been hugely important to us over the years, and we’ve enjoyed supporting many local charities, attending events and giving back to the community when we can. So when we started to outgrow our old office at the lovely Regency House, we knew that if we were to move, we needed to stay a part of that wider Brentwood community. And so it’s with great pleasure that we announce that we have moved: to Shenfield!

Bigger and better things for Blue Serif

We loved our home at Regency House. And we loved our neighbours at the Brentwood Orthodontic Centre even more! But all good things must come to an end. And, more importantly, we were starting to outgrow the space…! With the Blue Serif team growing, we needed to find a new home which would allow us not only to expand the team, but also the business.

Which is where our move to Shenfield stepped in. We were lucky enough to be one of the first to view the new Create Hub Shenfield, sister hub of the Create Hub already in place in Kings Road, Brentwood, and realised that the new offices being created there would fulfil all of our growing needs.

The Create Hub has given us a much more professional office space to work from, with a fully manned reception area, meeting rooms and breakout rooms to utilise and enjoy. It’s also the first time in 4 years that we’ve all fit into the one room!

Create Business Hub


Settling into Shenfield

Our move to Shenfield also means that we’ll be much closer to London and Chelmsford in terms of journey time. With the fast train connection into London and out to Chelmsford taking just 20 minutes either way, this will open up opportunities for us both to network and meet with clients within these areas. We’re also looking forward to seeing what great creatives the wider talent pool from these areas will also bring us, although not so much having to share our biscuits with a wider group of people!

Collaboration and connection for our clients

With the whole team sharing the same office space, this has made for a much more collaborative working experience, which enhances our creativity and productivity, ready to give our clients the very best Blue Serif service. Our increased productivity and creative output coupled with the fast train connection into and out of London and Chelmsford, and our location close to Shenfield Station, makes our new office much more accessible for meetings. Similarly, we’re looking forward to being able to utilise the enhanced connection into London and Essex to more efficiently attend face to face client meetings and be on hand to offer on-site support when our clients are exhibiting at trade fairs and other events.

We’ve moved to Shenfield!
Blue Serif door piece Breakout Area Breakout Area Create Business Hub Hallway in our office building Our office Kitchen area Matt in the office

We have moved…but we’re still a part of the wider Brentwood community!

Of course, even though we’ve moved, we will still very much be a part of the wider Brentwood community. We’re looking forward to all that Shenfield has to offer, but we’re also looking forward sponsoring the Brentwood Business Showcase again, judging the Brentwood Business Awards, supporting our regular charities such as SNAP Charity, and generally being involved in Brentwood life.

Simply put, we’re looking forward to the same Blue Serif service…from our new Shenfield address!

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