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SNAP Charity needed a website which matched their services. Not only did the site need to be fun and vivacious – just like the services offered to the young people they help on a daily basis – but it also needed to be a hub of information for parents, carers and those that offer assistance and work with children with special needs in and around Essex.



Snap Charity Snap Charity Snap Charity Snap Charity Snap Charity

As well as being fun and vibrant, the SNAP website needed to have some serious features built into it. This included accessibility features, which allow users to choose their viewing options and make it easier to use the website, regardless of their disability.

We also needed to add a sophisticated directory to the site, which allows users to search for useful contacts by keyword, location or condition. This feature took the site from a simple magazine site to a powerful information tool which is not only used by users of SNAP’s services, but also by the SNAP team themselves.

Snap Charity
Snap Charity

The finished site was as fun and bubbly as the SNAP team. Once live, it was important that we help to empower the SNAP team to make changes and updates as they required, and as such we led extensive training sessions with SNAP on how to use the website.

Our work with SNAP and the close relationship we formed with the SNAP team throughout the site design, build and training has led to an ongoing relationship with the charity. We’re now proud to be SNAP Ambassadors, and support them both digitally and in their fundraising efforts.