Nibbles & Cheese

Nibbles & Cheese

We love tucking into the creative for a brand new brand, and Nibbles & Cheese gave us the chance to indulge in this with the need for branding, packaging and website design. Through the use of a sumptuous colour palette and a logo with a hand crafted feel, we were able to both create and elevate the brand to reflect the luxurious nature of what they offer, with just a hint of quirkiness thrown in, too.

Working on the creative from the brand’s inception, we relished getting stuck into this truly delicious project for the cheese hamper company.

Nibbles & Cheese - brand assets Nibbles & Cheese - logo with illustration background

Nibbles & Cheese really allowed us to indulge our creativity when working on their branding. We enjoyed bringing the cheese hamper company to life, reflecting what they offer, what they do and the brand’s personality through their quirky branding.

Using a subtle nod to a cheese knife in the ampersand which forms an integral part of their logo, we also incorporated a soft edge to the logo, to reflect the handcrafted and rustic nature of the cheeses the brand uses within their hampers. This was reflected further still in the use of hand drawn illustrations of cheese and nibbles, with the mustard yellow of their logo picked up throughout, to reflect the true flavour of the brand.

Nibbles & Cheese - packaging Nibbles & Cheese - Taste Cards Nibbles & Cheese - Box

After the completion of the branding, we moved on to supporting creative assets which would allow the hamper brand to launch. Nibbles & Cheese needed packaging to send their hampers in, which required us to use the branding to create box designs, as well as a supporting strap line to inform customers that their delicious cheese was a mere opening of a box away.

Once opened, Nibbles & Cheese’s customers are greeted with Blue Serif designed tasting cards, which give ideas of pairings, as well as background info on the various cheeses, such as the flavours used, any awards received, nutritional information and the area the cheese originates from. We really enjoyed creating something very different from the usual Blue Serif portfolio, even if working on the creative for the tasting cards did make us rather ravenous!

To add an extra luxurious touch to the packaging, we also created Nibbles & Cheese branded greaseproof paper which reflected the illustrations used throughout the branding. This allowed the cheeses to be wrapped protectively but in line with the branding, to give a consistent feel across the broad to the Nibbles & Cheese packaging.

Nibbles & Cheese - Website
Nibbles & Cheese - Website

Of course, in order to receive orders for the cheese boards, Nibbles & Cheese required an e-commerce site. With subtle animations and parallax, combined with beautiful photography of the cheese boards themselves, the brand’s website was created and, more importantly, Nibbles & Cheese were able to take orders for their delicious hampers.

From the branding through to the website and all other supporting assets, Nibbles & Cheese has been a delight to work on. We have loved helping to launch this interesting and vibrant brand on the market, and have enjoyed hearing from the Nibbles & Cheese team that the orders are flooding in. We’re certainly excited to see where Nibbles & Cheese go…and we’re also excited to tuck into one of their exquisite cheese boards, too!