New Hall Wine Estates

New Hall Wine Estates

New Hall Wine Estates

When we met New Hall Wine Estates, they were at a pivotal point in their brand’s life, where they needed to bridge the traditional and the contemporary.

Quite rightly, New Hall did not want to dismiss their history and heritage, yet they were ready to embrace new ways to market their wines and their vineyard, including through the use of corporate video.

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Refreshing the New Hall Vineyard brand required a gentle touch. We needed to make the logo stand up against today’s contemporary wine brands, yet it needed to retain all of the history and heritage which has been poured into every single bottle since the late 1960s. We therefore took the traditional elements of the illustration of the house on the estate and refreshed it using cleaner, smoother lines to bring it in line with the modern wine estate that the vineyard is now.

We then went on to have lots of fun working closely with the New Hall team to design the labels for the vineyard’s limited edition wines, ready for New Hall’s 50th anniversary. Drawing our inspiration from the wildlife that can be found in and around Purleigh, New Hall’s home, we used contemporary line drawings of a pheasant, fox, stag and an owl. Combined with gold foiling, these gave the limited edition labels a very special feel, reflecting the vineyard’s golden anniversary.

As well as updating their print assets, New Hall Vineyard also wanted to add to their digital marketing assets. As such, we worked closely with the New Hall team to produce a video entitled ‘A Year in the Life of a Vineyard’.

This involved working alongside their vintners and wider team to storyboard the video, before going on location at the vineyard to film. Combining traditional videography with aerial drone videography, we then edited the entire footage to create the finished film.

It was a pleasure to work with a team who are as passionate about what they do as we are, and a pleasure for us to combine heritage and history with the here and now to rejuvenate New Hall Wine Estates – much like a refreshing glass of white wine on a hot summer’s day.