Cornish Steelworks


Cornish Steelworks

We love getting under the skin of our brands, and property development projects allow us to do exactly that.

The creative for the Cornish Steelworks project – for trendy student and post grad accommodation in Kelham Island, Sheffield – is a prime example of this, as we immersed ourselves in everything from the naming and branding of the development through to digital and print collateral.

Cornish Steelworks Brand Logo Cornish Steelworks Brochure Cornish Steelworks Brochure

After extensive research into the area as it stands today as well as its history, we were able to shortlist and develop several naming options for the new property development.

Once a name was chosen, work on creating the branding commenced. Using contemporary colours and a graphical device which mirrored the strong lines of the old steelworks, branding was created which reflected the trendy, boutique nature of the development in this up-and-coming, vibrant area.

Cornish Steelworks Hoarding

One of the exciting parts of working on the creative for a property development is that we can see it come to life from the very beginning. Once the initial naming and branding is complete, it was then time for us to create the supporting marketing collateral. For a property development such as Cornish Steelworks, this often means creating environmental collateral such as site hoardings, as well as traditional print material such as brochures.

Of course, print collateral is just one part of marketing such a development, and slots in nicely between digital assets. As such, we were pleased to design and build the website for Cornish Steelworks, to create the final piece of the marketing jigsaw to help promote the development alongside the other assets we created.

It’s always exciting immersing ourselves in the creative right from the off, and seeing how the brand develops over time, especially when it’s a project as innovative this, which helped to regenerate a vibrant part of the city.