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When we first met the team from Zenova Group, they were a small start up, with big ambitions. This meant that we could work with them from the very outset, to create a brand identity which would reflect where they were headed.

Creating everything from the branding through to the website design, printed and event collateral to social media images and digital banners, this has really been a brand that we can get our teeth stuck into, to mould it into the industry leader it is becoming.

Zenova Group Zenova Group Branding Zenova Group Business Cards

From our initial meeting with Zenova, we started by creating a brand identity, not just for the Zenova Group, but also for their various sub brands. These needed to have a cohesive look and feel to them, to enable them to be immediately recognisable as part of the Zenova Group, and with their own identities in their own right. By using a simple typography and icon based logo for each sub group, and sticking to the principle colours of the brand, we have been able to use this format to go on to create further product logos as the brand has expanded.

Furthermore, the brand’s quick expansion very soon led to the need for brand guidelines. With an ever-growing team, it was important that anyone working on the brand was able to work within the guidelines set out, keeping in line with the primary and secondary colours, and ensuring that all aspects of their marketing would work together to maintain brand consistency.

Zenova FP Zenova IP Zenova IP & Zenova IP

Printed collateral has also been very important as part of Zenova’s marketing strategy, not least because paint tin labels were needed for their innovative fire-retardant and insulating paint products. This was something completely different for us to work on, and the finished striking labels in the Zenova red and orange reflect not only the brand’s identity, but also their important work within the fire safety sector.

As Zenova looked to expand their network, further printed material was also needed as both sales collateral and exhibition collateral. This included the creation of flyers, brochures and pull up banners for each product, and we were also delighted to see that our paint tin labels were adapted to form promotional biscuit tin labels!

Zenova Website
Zenova Website

Of course, all of this activity was supported by digital collateral. The Zenova Group website continues to evolve as the brand grows in products and as new markets are targeted. Supporting digital assets, such as digital banners and sales deck presentations are created on a regular basis in order to target these new markets, and our social media management services continue to support all of the marketing material, regularly updating followers with the company’s news and keeping them at the forefront of the industry’s mind.

Zenova Instagram
Zenova Instagram

As Zenova has quickly expanded, so our relationship with them has also grown, with Blue Serif often responding in an agile and reactionary manner to turn around urgent requests for collateral. It has been a pleasure to work with the team on the various creative assets which, when combined, give this still relatively new but important brand a cohesive marketing strategy, allowing them to be leaders within their industry.