Redefine banner

Working with a creative brand is always a real pleasure.

It was a joy, therefore, to work on the website design for VFX and animation specialists ReDefine, who are part of the DNEG family, one of the world’s leading visual effects specialists.



As ReDefine do exactly that – redefine the VFX and animation spaces – we knew that the brand needed a funky, vibrant website to match their service offering.

As such, their films are showcased from the moment you click on the site, with full screen hero videos beautifully demonstrating ReDefine’s work as soon as you land on the page, and getting the end user straight into the heart of the action.

The site has a very intuitive look and feel to it, expertly directing users into the ares they’re interested in. Its clear layout and funky devices allow those using the site to get a little glimpse behind the scenes into ReDefine’s areas of expertise.

Having worked closely with the ReDefine team, we were able to create a website which perfectly reflects the brand and its personality, as well as offering immediate visual storytelling as to what ReDefine do.

The new website has allowed ReDefine to do what they do best: ReDefining creative visual effects and animation services to expanding international markets and independent filmmakers everywhere!