Sony Finity

Something we’re never afraid of at Blue Serif is stepping a little way outside of our creative comfort zone. It is, after all, how we grow and experiment creatively.

So when we were approached to create a sting for Sony Finity, showcasing the quality and uniqueness of their 4K cinema offering, we did not step away from the challenge.


Finity Finity Finity Finity Finity

Sony Finity uses 4K dual projector technology to offer a complete cinema solution. As such, the technology allows the cinema goer to experience the clarity and vibrancy of every drop of movie magic. We wanted to reflect that cinematic clarity in a sting which showcased every last drop of the beauty of Sony’s technology.

Having storyboarded ideas with the team at Sony Finity closely, our sting portrayed the exquisiteness of a water droplet, coming together in all its glory to represent the wonderful 4K dual projector technology that Sony Professional offers cinema goers.

The finished sting was shown in cinemas across the country, giving cinema goers an insight into just what clarity they were about to experience in a film played using Sony’s 4K dual projector technology.